Checkmate Guns maintains a mailing list for clients who want to buy and sell guns. If you would like to be included in this list, click the "Facebook" symbol on this page and join by using the link on the Checkmate Guns Facebook page. You don't have to join Facebook to get on this mailing list. But you have to go to this link to sign up.

When someone wants to sell one of their guns, they will send me a few JPEG pics as attachments along with a description and price. I send this info out to the entire list. If someone on the list is interested, I let the seller know. Checkmate Guns does this to allow face to face firearm transfers and I make no money and am not involved in the transaction.

If you would like to sell one of your guns and would like me to send it out to the group, please be realistic in your pricing. This group is gun savvy and I will only post the gun one time.

Attached .jpg images are all that can work through the software I use to mail out. Imbedded pictures in the email, or pictures you can see without opening an attachment do not work. Also, for some reason, items sent to me using a Mac do not work very well. Send images and gun description to